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Winter Tips for Your Business and Employees

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 by Tim David No Comments

Keep Entrances Safe…

By Removing Snow Coverage Regularly

Investing in clean parking lots during the winter months is key to reducing winter injuries. Whether you have workers and resources on hand to clean you parking lots and sidewalks or work with a snow removal business, keep these areas as clean as possible during the heaviest trafficked times for your business and as much as possible in between.

By Placing Floor Mats and Signage in Wet Entrance Ways

During the winter months make sure heavy traffic entrances have mats laid down and are labeled as wet zones to remind those entering the building to watch their steps.

By Asking Employees to Wear Snow-Appropriate Footwear

Avoid twisted ankles, back injuries, slips and falls by asking (and reminding) all employees to wear well-treaded boots and shoes into the building. Regular office shoes and especially heals can be extremely hazardous walking through the parking lot and through the entrance way of the building. Ask employees to bring their shoes and wear safer-footwear to and from work. If you struggle to get your employees on board with this, round up a team of people who will lead by example and encourage others to do so as well.

By Making Salt Available To Everyone

While daily salting may be left to your maintenance staff or snow removal team, you can also leave a container of salt and a scoop inside the entrances so that employees can easily salt on a whim when they see a spot that’s been missed. This simple and convenient effort can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries without having to track someone down each time to take care of it.

Limit the Spread of Seasonal Colds…

By Keeping Bathrooms Filled with Soap and Paper Towels

As cold season begins, restroom visits increase. Keep soap and towels available for cleaning hands so you can minimize the spread of germs through the office.

By Making Tissues and Hand Sanitizer Available Around the Office

Seasonal germs and diseases are often spread through coughing and sneezing. Consider placing tissues and hand sanitizer in areas around the office to keep spreading to a minimum. By having stantions around the office you reduce the risk of spreading through door handles (to get TP from the restrooms) and across office supplies (where employees might have just wiped their hands clean instead of sanitizing).

By Keeping Offices Clean and Sanitized

Having a team on staff or a professional cleaning company come in and wipe down office spaces and equipment regularly can help remove spreading germs and keep your employees healthier. During cold season, make sure keyboards and mice, desktops, drawer handles and doors are disinfected.

By Encouraging Sick Employees to Stay Home

Most businesses can run with little loss when a few people are home sick. Having an entire office sick is another matter. If you can afford to, encourage your employees to stay home when they have a spreadable illness – they’ll heal faster and be more productive than if they work all week (infecting your healthy staff) at half capacity.