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Commercial Cleaning Services: Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cleaning

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You have heard jokes (or horror stories) about outsourcing experiences with a phone representative in a foreign land giving jumbled service to an angry customer. And the punch line of these jokes is always the same: outsourcing does not always make sense. But sometimes, outsourcing DOES make sense. Business expert Dr. Lawrence Loh proposes that outsourcing may be the greatest advancement in business practices of the last half century. You can experience the benefits of outsourcing without hiring a company on the other side of the world (or becoming someone’s horror story).

Why Hire a Cleaning Company

You have a lot to worry about with your business: budgets, product/service quality, employee training and resources, customer satisfaction, licensing, liabilities, profits, taxes, etc. (Reading this list might be inducing stress just thinking about everything on your own to do list.) The last thing you want to worry about during your busy day is whether the bathrooms are properly sanitized (even though clean work spaces are important). Perhaps, a janitorial company could be the perfect opportunity for your company to benefit from outsourcing for a number of reasons.

You Don’t Have to Hire Another Employee

Commercial Cleaning Services

You know that managing employees is difficult. A new employee can be a large demand on your budget and to do list. New hires have to be found, (background) checked out, interviewed, oriented, and trained. These new employees can be expensive to pay (especially when you consider the fast-rising cost of benefits for full-time employees). By employing commercial janitorial services, you free yourself from the burden of hiring your own janitorial staff.

You Don’t Have to Staff Valuable Resources to the Task

Your employees have a lot of important work to do. You probably cannot afford to have them distracted from that work for office cleaning. Outsourcing those custodial duties to a cleaning service will not only free up those employees to complete other tasks but they may be grateful that you value their time and talents. Outsourcing allows you to protect your most valuable resources for more vital tasks.

You Can Be Confident the Job is Getting Done Right

You run a business because you are confident that you know how to do the job and provide something unique to your customers. For a commercial janitorial service company, that special service is office cleaning. And the business is making sure that you can rest easy that your office space shines. A cleaning company hires experts in thoroughly and efficiently maintaining your professional space.

You can Focus on Running Your Business

Your business is important to you. Commercial janitorial services let you focus on what is key for that business. By hiring cleaning services, you are no longer distracted by the maintenance of your clean offices. You also do not have to worry about the important impression that your office leaves on customers (see our blog post A Clean Office is… for a description of the importance of your office in impression management). Instead, you can focus on the impression of you, your employees, and your product on those satisfied customers.

For more information about commercial cleaning services or hiring a professional janitorial service company, contact us at EHC for more information.

Benefits of a Clean Office

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A Clean Office is…

Cleanliness is an American ideal. For many, it is almost a religion; “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Regardless of your individual preferences for organization, order, or cleaning, the simple truth is that your customers have high expectations for you and your business…and an orderly office is one of them. And office cleaning has multiple strong benefits for you and your business. The following represent just a few of the advantages of cleaning (or hiring a commercial janitorial service) to get that office cleaned.

…a Successful Office

A clean and organized office is a successful one. By employing commercial janitorial or cleaning services, you can make sure that your office is a place where: employees can get work done; customers can confidently trust your products and services; and everyone can be healthier and happier.

…a Productive Environment

Working in a cluttered office can be a difficult task. The adage that a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind cannot be truer to employees and customers. Office cleaning can provide employees with just the work-space that allows them to maximize productivity. And in the winter months, organizing and cleaning can be particularly important. Dr. Pat Bass III claims that clutter and depression can go hand-in-hand, especially as the weather is colder and daylight hours shorter. By providing a clean work environment, you can increase employee focus, morale, and work output.

…Perceived Positively by Customers

Your office makes a lasting impression on your customers. An office that sparkles from commercial cleaning services can have as strong and positive impact on your company’s brand as the great products or services that you offer customers. Business experts Dr. Bernard Booms and Dr. Mary Bitner describe this potential as the servicescape of your business. The idea of servicescape is that your products and services are first valued based on the space in which you create them. So a professionally cleaned office is likely to produce products and services which are perceived as superior to products which are not from as clean of an office. And for servicescape, the details matter. A clean parking lot, through parking lot sweeping, can be as important to a customer as the quality of the actual service or goods being purchased. And sometimes customers cannot even recognize that they have made these servicescape judgments.

…A Safer Place

Commercial Snow Plowing Services

In earlier blog posts, we explained the ways in which a clean parking lot office can eliminate unnecessary risks in the office. For example, a parking lot cleared of debris through a snow removal business or parking lot sweeping is less likely to have employees and customers slipping while walking or sliding while driving. And as we enter the cold and flu season, commercial cleaning services can eliminate the spread of germs. The thorough and efficient use of commercial janitorial services can minimize the spread of sickness, reduce employee absence, and increase productivity in the difficult winter months. (For a more thorough description of the safety that is guaranteed through office cleaning, see our blog post Winter Tips for Your Business and Employees).

These are just a few of the many benefits that can accompany a truly clean office (particularly when professionally done by a commercial janitorial service). What other benefits have you experienced by working in clean spaces? Tell us by leaving a comment to this post.

For more information about commercial cleaning Services, contact us at EHC.

Ways to Organize with Storage Bins and Containers

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Keeping your home organized is no easy task, but with a few storage ideas and solutions you can help manage the clutter and cut down on your daily/weekly cleaning time. Here are a few ideas for organizing and containing your everyday items.

Mail and Magazine Storage

cleaning services cedar rapids

Your table and desk can quickly become a dropping zone for mail, newspapers and magazines which in a week’s time, can get out of hand. If you’re overwhelmed with endless piles of clutter, try sorting into these four categories and find storage containers to accommodate: (1) bills and information to file, (2) newspapers, magazines and readables, (3) recycling, (4) shreds.

When designating bins, go bigger. Cute mail-size solutions seem like a great idea at first but in hindsight fill up faster than you’re willing to dispose of or file. Opt for deep containers for newspapers and magazines, shallow but larger than 8.5 x 11 inches for items to be shredded, similar or larger in size for bills and medium size containers for paper recyclables. Place your containers in areas that will make for fast and easy sorting and disposal. There are a number of great solutions that can camouflage the look of your storage to make it feel like a part of the room.
cleaning services cedar rapids


Organize and label your piles of file items so that you can easily find them. There are a number of solutions but our favorite is the old reliable 10” x 12” filing box. File information like bills, major purchases, tax information/investment records, home business information, medical documents, children’s schooling and information, pay stubs, etc…

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If you don’t have access to city recycling bins, storage tubs work just as well for separating and recycling. With three bins, sort into paper, plastic and glass.

commercial cleaning cedar rapids

Bathroom Storage

If you’re lacking drawers and sink space in your bathroom, plastic his and her bins are great for containing hair products and combs, razors and shaving cream, blow dryers and makeup. With all of your morning supplies in a single container you can easily store and transport to different rooms as you get ready.

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Food Storage Containers

Despite the handiness of using plastic food containers, they themselves require an organizing category when not in use. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your containers under control. Recycle any containers that are melted, stained or broken. Recycle any that do not have a matching lid and bottom or if you have an excessive number of the same size (you may want to consider using excess containers around the house to store other small items). Sort and stack by size.

Glass containers are a great way of reducing clutter. By switching to glass, it can consciously keep you from accumulating extras in your cupboards. You can easily reheat and wash items without worrying about melting or gases from heated plastic absorbing into your food too.

Under-the-Bed Storage

house cleaning cedar rapids

Invest in “under-bed” storage for each bedroom – you’d be surprised how much stuff you can hide in this convenient space. From Christmas decorations to seasonal clothes, blankets and extras that you don’t use regularly, you’ll be able to store those items in a convenient location without having to haul to and from the attic or in a closet.

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Cleaning Supplies

A similar idea to number 4’s bathroom storage, find a caddie or container to hold your cleaning supplies. With a caddie, you can easily grab all of your basic cleaning supplies you need and move from room to room without running back and forth for different supplies. Here’s a list to get your caddie started: Dust rag and spray, Sponges and clothes, all-purpose cleaner, magic eraser sponge, paper towels, scrubber brushes, rubber gloves, disinfecting wipes, old toothbrush, gel toilet cleaner.

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Stackable Bins

These are a lifesaver for attic and closet storage. Easily store holiday items, clothes, shoes, etc… in these bins and label. Assorted colors make it easy to color code storage items or work with the colors in your living space.

While these storage tips can go a long way in keeping your house clutter-free, you might still find yourself strapped for time to give your house the deep cleaning it needs and deserves. Contact us to receive a quote on our routine home cleaning services.

Winter Tips for Your Business and Employees

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Keep Entrances Safe…

By Removing Snow Coverage Regularly

Investing in clean parking lots during the winter months is key to reducing winter injuries. Whether you have workers and resources on hand to clean you parking lots and sidewalks or work with a snow removal business, keep these areas as clean as possible during the heaviest trafficked times for your business and as much as possible in between.

By Placing Floor Mats and Signage in Wet Entrance Ways

During the winter months make sure heavy traffic entrances have mats laid down and are labeled as wet zones to remind those entering the building to watch their steps.

By Asking Employees to Wear Snow-Appropriate Footwear

Avoid twisted ankles, back injuries, slips and falls by asking (and reminding) all employees to wear well-treaded boots and shoes into the building. Regular office shoes and especially heals can be extremely hazardous walking through the parking lot and through the entrance way of the building. Ask employees to bring their shoes and wear safer-footwear to and from work. If you struggle to get your employees on board with this, round up a team of people who will lead by example and encourage others to do so as well.

By Making Salt Available To Everyone

While daily salting may be left to your maintenance staff or snow removal team, you can also leave a container of salt and a scoop inside the entrances so that employees can easily salt on a whim when they see a spot that’s been missed. This simple and convenient effort can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries without having to track someone down each time to take care of it.

Limit the Spread of Seasonal Colds…

By Keeping Bathrooms Filled with Soap and Paper Towels

As cold season begins, restroom visits increase. Keep soap and towels available for cleaning hands so you can minimize the spread of germs through the office.

By Making Tissues and Hand Sanitizer Available Around the Office

Seasonal germs and diseases are often spread through coughing and sneezing. Consider placing tissues and hand sanitizer in areas around the office to keep spreading to a minimum. By having stantions around the office you reduce the risk of spreading through door handles (to get TP from the restrooms) and across office supplies (where employees might have just wiped their hands clean instead of sanitizing).

By Keeping Offices Clean and Sanitized

Having a team on staff or a professional cleaning company come in and wipe down office spaces and equipment regularly can help remove spreading germs and keep your employees healthier. During cold season, make sure keyboards and mice, desktops, drawer handles and doors are disinfected.

By Encouraging Sick Employees to Stay Home

Most businesses can run with little loss when a few people are home sick. Having an entire office sick is another matter. If you can afford to, encourage your employees to stay home when they have a spreadable illness – they’ll heal faster and be more productive than if they work all week (infecting your healthy staff) at half capacity.

Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

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If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, invest some time and money back into it before you put it on the market. Below are some ideas to get you started. If you’re hesitant about dropping some dollars on a home you’re selling, consider the long term costs of a sitting property to put it into better perspective.


Adding a new coat of paint throughout your home is an affordable way to freshen up the look and smell of your home. When repainting, stick with neutrals – making sure to tone down any bright colors or dark walls. Window trim, baseboards, ceilings and crown molding should also be touched up.

Not a painter? No problem. EHC offers commercial and residential painting services to give your home professional coverage. Contact EHC for a quote >

Clean Carpets

Deep cleaning your carpets can do wonders for the look of your home. High traffic areas discolor over time and you may not even notice. Spills will also be an eye soar to any homebuyer. Carpets are expensive and having to replace them in a newly purchased home can be a turnoff. Invest in a good carpet cleaner or replace damaged and heavily worn carpet altogether if you can afford it.

Scrub Inside and Out

When you go to sell your home, clean it like you’ve never cleaned before. Show some additional love to your home by scrubbing down all surfaces (to look as new as possible). Powerwash the exterior of your home, patios, decks and sheds to give your home a clean, ready-for-buying appearance. First impressions are everything you know.

Don’t have the time? We can help. EHC offers maid service, power washing and window cleaning services.


You’d be surprised what you can scale down and pack up when getting ready to sell. Decluttering your home will make your home appear more spacious and appealing, and far easier to pick up and move. Here are some areas to start:

The Kitchen

Box up excess amounts of dishes, pots, pans and appliances that aren’t regularly in use or that you can do without for the time being. Commit to using just a couple rounds of dishes and glasses (or whatever looks good in your cabinets) and box the rest. If there are wine glasses or appliances that add to the look of the space display these. What this cuts in functionality also reduces in presentation time (which may happen on the fly).

The Living Room

Pack up books on your shelves leaving a small number for display as appropriate. Same for photos – keep only a few here and there if they add to the space. Pack up DVDs and CDs. Sort through magazines and newspapers and get rid of 95% of them. Remove random items that have found their way into the living room out of convenience.


Closets hide a lot of items we have nowhere else to store or that we want out of plain site. Quite the opposite will be the case when buyers pass through. Clean up those closets and organize them in a way that would appeal to them (not you). Organize in a way that buyers will be able to gage space.

If you’re planning a quick sell within a couple months’ time, minimize your clothing selection down to the bare essentials. Pack up out-of-season clothes, those that you plan to wear again and haven’t, extra socks, underwear, etc.. The less cluttered the closet, the more spacious it will appear.

Rework the Space

Reorganize the functionality of your home to appeal to buyers. For example, your home office might work great for you in the living room, but may not seem appealing to home buyers. Move your office into a spare room or sectioned off space in the house. Be creative too. Try moving your furniture into different rooms and see how you can better transform a space. If it’s appealing to others it will likely be livable for you (even if it is just temporary).

Decorate with Neutral Pieces

Having a distinct style throughout a home can turn buyers away. Reduce the risk of this by decorating your home with neutral pieces that anyone would enjoy.

Fix the Small Things

Patch any holes or cracks in walls and ceilings.
Finding holes or cracks in your home is a huge red flag to homebuyers. They will quickly question whether the home is well maintained or if it has foundation issues and walk away. Patch them up large and small (unused nail holes are also good to clean up).

Outlet Covers

If your outlet covers are noticeably aged or painted over, update with new ones. At less than 50 cents a piece, you could replace all of your outlets in your home for less than $25 (although, you likely won’t need to).

Replace outdated light fixtures.

Do your rooms have yellow, gold-plated light fixtures or ceiling fans that swing as much as the blades? Replace, replace, replace!


Switch out an old, leaky or cheap-looking faucet in your kitchen and bathrooms for newer, nicer versions. This is something that the new homeowners will use every day so a little fix can make a noticeable difference.

Front Door

The front door will be one of the first things homebuyers encounter when walking through your home. Make sure it welcomes a positive impression.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Fix any small or noticeable problems especially near the entrance of the home, and most common areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Yard Maintenance

No matter the season, keeping a well-maintained yard is important. It’s the first and last thing homeowners will see when visiting the property. Keep lawns mowed and raked, driveways and sidewalks cleared and salted if needed. (Now’s also a great time to pack up that lawn kitsch, if you haven’t done so already.) Trim back any overbearing shrubs and keep toys in the house.

Make the Investment

Investing some time and money to fix up your home is a small price to pay for selling your home quickly. By eliminating noticeable concerns, creating inviting, uncluttered spaces and freshening up what’s already there, you’ll have a much easier time selling your home than if you didn’t.